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Save the Big White River Bridge Ride - Day 1

09 Aug 2015 6:35 PM | Anonymous

Friday, Aug. 7. We started out at 8:20 am with 11 riders and a sag driver and picked up Peggy for part of the ride. It was very hot but we were lucky that it was overcast most of the way. The store at Humnoke said we might catch up to the rain in Stuttgart but we didn't. The Police from Holly Grove and Clarendon met us in Roe to escort us over the bridge since part of it is very narrow. They stopped the traffic both ways so we could get some pictures and see the views. We went straight to lunch in Clarendon about 1:30. After that, we went to the 2 houses that were made available to us by the Moore family. Everyone had their own bed with towels and plenty of bathrooms and showers. Some of us went to the city museum but we didn't have time on this trip to visit the Moore House Museum across the street from where we were staying to see their collection of antebellum items. That will be on the next trip.

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