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Save the Big White River Bridge Ride - Day 2

11 Aug 2015 9:23 PM | Anonymous

We stayed in 2 furnished, unoccupied houses owned by the Moore family, one was the ladies and one for the men. Everyone had their own bed but we were prepared to sleep on the floor if necessary. We had another breakfast at the restaurant. I wanted French toast. It wasn't on the menu but they said they could make it but I had the short stack and they were great pancakes.  We met at the foot of the bridge at 8:30 am where we picked up about 8 more riders for the day rides, for a total of 19. We again had a police escort and went over the bridge and back and again, stopped for pictures at the top. The view of the River and the steeple of the Monroe County courthouse were superb. I think everyone continued on with a police escort by Chief Hollis Foster to Holly Grove, about 11 miles way. It was dead flat and we were really flying, only to find out later it was because of the wind that we had to fight coming back. Holly Grove had hot dogs and cold drinks for us and the town folks. Then, we had a police escort around the small town. Kenny was getting a flat, so we pumped it up to get him to lunch. He had a big blow out when he hit a pothole on the Bridge on Friday, so technically, he didn't go over the whole bridge on Friday. The Chief led us a few more miles to East Lake. Linda and Jim and family there had a big catfish lunch for us. He caught the fish on the lake. Their son drove us the last 1/2 mile down their gravel road on a wagon which you may see in the Pictures. The big lunch was great. By the time we fought the wind getting back to Clarendon and going over the bridge and around Holly Grove, I got in about 32 miles. We were going to go to Louisiana Purchase State Historic Park, but it was too much farther for us for this trip. Some rested when we got back to Clarendon. Some of us got on 2 boats and went up the White and Cache Rivers with Mayor Jim Stinson and his friend, David, for more than 20 miles on the Rivers. It was time for dinner when we got back, so I didn't get cleaned up until nearly 9:00 pm. The restaurant closes at 8:00 pm and we got in a little trouble for not getting in early enough Friday evening. Not too much trouble.

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