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Mt. View Annual Overnight Ride

18 Jan 2016 11:57 AM | Anonymous

We started out with 9 of us. Thanks to Jarion for the sag vehicle. We had a very cold start but we all feel good once we started and even over dressed on the climb to Prim for lunch. Crossing the Midway Bridge over the lake was very scenic. We picked up 2 more riders who had spent the night before at Mt. View and rode backwards to  Prim. Well, one of them had a broken bike so we had another sag vehicle. We had 1 blowout on the way which bend the rim, but the rider found a flat rock and hammered it back in and it held with some tape for the rest of the ride. "The road will provide." Another couldn't shift into the lower gear which is not good on this hilly ride.

We got to the B & B from 3-3:30 pm. The rooms were very nice and several of them were suites with a sitting area. The breakfast was great too. We had dinner at the Rainbow Diner on the town square. It got down to about 22F overnight but very little wind and it was a tail wind and it started sunny. Only 3 riders braved riding back up the mountain and completing the entire return. Most of the riders did ride another portion and after lunch. Only 2 of us had done this ride before so we were glad to have some new people to experience this weekend with the club.

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