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Lake Ouachita 3 Day Tour in February Day 1

08 Mar 2016 11:02 PM | Anonymous

Day 1: We left Hot Springs pretty much on time. There were some rangers doing a controlled burn as we went over Cedar Glades so we got a group picture. The ride to lunch was uneventful with the weather being nice. Cool but just right for riding. We got to the Home Plate a little earlier than usual so we were served right away and they were very friendly as usual. We ran into another controlled burn before we reached Irons Fork Campground. There was still fire across the lake inlet which made for a nice show at night. Plenty of driftwood and other wood was available for our camp fire after dinner. I think the lake had been much higher with so much driftwood. When I got up during the night, it was cool, but not cold. It was the best weather we've had for this ride.

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