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Lake Ouachita Ride Day 2

10 Mar 2016 1:18 PM | Anonymous

Day 2: Again, the weather was great. We climbed back to Hwy 298 and continued west to Story. It wasn't time for either breakfast or lunch so we went on the Mt. Ida after a break. Our normal restaurant in Mt. Ida was was in business since about 1950 something was closed so we ate at a drive-in diner. We broke into 2 groups for the ride to Crystal Springs but that was fine. The camp host let us camp on one site this time. I was the only one to ride back to Burl's BBQ at the Hwy. for dinner. It's nice to be inside for a while. The rib plate was great. We didn't bother with a campfire that night. It wasn't cold enough or enough wood right at camp. 

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