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BRAA 2016: Day 2, Clarendon to Village Creek State Park

25 Mar 2016 7:34 PM | Anonymous

We broke camp and regrouped at Bendi's for breakfast before leaving town. We headed to Brinkley. The police chief found us at the south end of town and gave us an escort through town.  He told us there was a store in Hunter to the north, so we headed there for lunch. We had the best white bread sandwiches ever. I knew they would be good because they had a toothpick in the wrapping! They were glad we stopped, as were all the small stores we stopped at. From there, we went east to Village Creek S.P. with the entire route for the day being part of the Trail of Tears. The S.P. gave us 4 nice campsites. We weren't on the lake, but there was one,, and cabins but they were all reserved. This is the only night we cooked and ate in camp. Also the only night that we had a campfire. This day was about 62 miles with again mostly a nice tail wind but it was somewhat windy all night and still the next morning. Brad met us late that night in his car and took pictures along the way for the next several days.


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